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Prolozone Treatment for TMJ

Prolozone Treatment for TMJ

There are several methods that come into play when treating TMJD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). In most cases, patients with TMJD are in chronic pain with a great deal of inflammation in the affected areas. In addition to helping patients correct their TMJ issues with long-term solutions, it is also necessary to get them out of pain, stop the inflammation and begin the healing process.

Dr. Buck uses a Prolozone Treatment to create these favorable conditions for healing in TMJ patients. Prolo therapy is a commonly used alternative medicine for stimulating response in ligaments to repair themselves. In this treatment, an injection of prolocane, which is an anesthetic, and dextrose, a sugar, work to promote healing and ligament repair in the joint.

To add to the anti-inflammatory effect, we add ozone, a gas that immediately reacts with tissue, delivering oxygen to areas where it is needed most for healing. By promoting a more oxygen-rich healing environment, the healing process is accelerated. In addition, Ozone therapy eliminates harmful bacteria in the TM joint. In an unhealthy and inflamed area, bacteria can cause further pain and instability. Using Ozone eliminates that factor.

Combining the use of Prolo therapy and Ozone therapy, we are able to reduce inflammation and create healthy conditions for healing for TMJD patients. Combined with other treatments, we create favorable conditions for eliminating TMJD problems altogether.