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About Our Consultation

Two Consult

You’ll know you are in a different kind of dental office on your first visit to Balance Epigenetic Orthodontics after your one-hour personal, one-on-one consultation with Dr. David Buck. From the very beginning, Dr. Buck and his team set the pace that your treatment will be thoughtful, driven by science and not rushed in any way. There are a lot of relevant details to every airway centered Facial Growth case, and a detailed consultation to start assures both you and Dr. Buck understand all the factors involved.

On first contact, we begin with a personal, helpful intake phone call or email response from one of our trained team members to make sure we are the right practice for you. If our airway centered treatment is a solution for your sleep apnea, TMJ disorder or orthodontic needs, we schedule your first meeting with Dr. Buck.

When you become one of Dr. Buck’s patients, we’re addressing your overall health, so details are important. Prior to your visit, we ask that you complete a detailed new patient packet sent to you via email, so we are fully prepared going into your first consultation.

Unlike most dental offices where evaluations are brief, surface consults frequently conducted by staff, your first evaluation at Balance Epigenetic Orthodontics will be conducted by Dr. Buck himself. You’ll spend time thoroughly discussing your symptoms with Dr. Buck and your assessment will include a thorough clinical examination so both you and Dr. Buck can specifically understand how treatment can help you. The examination includes TMJ evaluation, muscle palpation for craniofacial pain, ranges of motion measurements, orthopedic measurement of jaw/arch development, orthodontic measurements, myofunctional assessment, airway/breathing assessment, intraoral soft tissue evaluation, upper cervical health evaluation, periodontal (gum tissue evaluation), dentition evaluation, cranial strain evaluation and risk assessment evaluation.

Then, we schedule a second consultation with Dr. Buck so he can explain what he sees in your test results and how airway centered Facial Growth dentistry can benefit you. Between the first and second consultation many of our patients will do a take-home sleep study with high resolution sleep monitoring to detect sleep disordered breathing problems, because their interest in their airway function is piqued by our consultation. Dr. Buck always encourages gathering as much data as possible to guide treatment.

The results of your exam allow Dr. Buck to chart a specific treatment course and project successful outcomes for your treatment. We can review Dr. Buck’s findings and treatment options for you in person or on a Zoom call, where you will have plenty of time to ask questions and learn more about the specifics of your case, if necessary. You’ll also receive a comprehensive treatment plan along with a take-home packet detailing treatment information, strategies and case examples along with cost for care. Payment options will be presented at this time, so you have all the details and arrangements made if you are ready to proceed.