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Adult Services

Our approach to orthodontics is one of the things that sets our practice apart from all the rest. With epigenetic orthodontics, we believe that orthodontics is about more than just straight teeth. Click learn more to find out how we have helped so many patients achieve a beautiful smile while also improving their posture, breathing and jaw health.


Living with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder can be frustrating and painful. It can greatly effect your quality of life when each day your met with pain, soreness and headaches. Most dentists treat the symptoms, but not the source of the pain. Dr. Buck’s approach to TJM disorder is innovative and comprehesnsive and gets directly to the source of the pain.


Dr. Buck’s unique epigenetic approach to dentistry extends beyond TMJ Disorder and Orthodontics. Opening the airways is an essential part of epigenetic treatment and can make a huge difference in a patient’s quality of life. Obstructive sleep apnea is a serious medical condition and without treatment can lead to other medical complications.

Sleep Apnea

Over 3 million Americans a year suffer from migraines. They can be debililtating. Sometimes there’s no warning, while other times the early signs bring a feeling of dread with the pain and frustration of what’s to come. Medications can sometimes help but over time they may become less effective and they often take time to begin working. An SPG block offers immediate pain relief.

Eliminating Migraines

Treating children during their development years allows for the most potential for success. During development, children have growth centers located in the face and jaws whose growth trajectory can be stimulated during these formative years. Dr. Buck recommends evaluating children around the age of 6 in order to take advantage of these important years during development.

Epigenetics and Children

We all have trillions of Mitochondria, and they are the source of all life energy, sort of the battery packs for cells to live and thrive. The laser can reach Mitochondria within the cells. Increased Mitochondrial activity is vital to healing any damaged tissue, as it increases energy available for all functions related to regeneration.

Infrared Laser

When teeth are crowded, extraction is not the only option. Dr. Buck’s revolutionary approach to growth guidance strategies in both children and adults allows for the face and jaw to reach their full growth potential making room in the jaw for a full smile and even improving breathing through expanding the airways which can help improve sleep apnea and the stability of the spine also improving one’s posture in the process.

Growth Guidance for Adults

Did you know that your oral and jaw health actually effect your posture? The way your teeth fit together impact the top of the spine which is an integral part in supporting your body through the way you sit and stand. With age, posture-related problems that stem from jaw and bite issues only get worse. Dr. Buck’s comprehensive approach to epigenetic orthodontics corrects more than just your smile.

Total Body Posture

Face-forward growth guidance is especially ideal for special needs children, including those with Achondroplasia or dwarfism because of the midface underdevelopment that occurs with this condition. Dr. Buck’s own daughter, Ruth, has benefited tremendously from this treatment. Click learn more to read about her story and how much it benefited her midface development.

Special Needs Children