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Orthodontics is About More Than Straight Teeth

Dr. Buck’s approach to orthodontics treats the whole face, not just the teeth. Dr. Buck uses epigenetic science to trigger jaw development and remodeling to overcome deficient growth patterns that exist.

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Our Approach to Orthodontics

According to newer information and analysis, we now understand that upwards of eighty plus percent of our modern population has an underdeveloped upper jaw and midface when comparing to remote population groups that have an ancestral diet and no exposure to modern pollutants. Because of the strong biological drive to have the teeth couple to allow adequate chewing, the lower jaw must react to the underdeveloped upper jaw and thus becomes underdeveloped as well. In Dr. Buck’s opinion, smaller jaws are a result of the compounding factors of a diet that is much softer than our predecessors, added to the lack of robust nasal breathing in children during the time when the face is growing rapidly roughly between ages 6-14 or so. These changes create an alteration in functional signaling to the jaws and affect their growth patterns. To initiate positive orthopedic changes, Dr. Buck uses a comfortable appliance that stimulates an area on the palate causing the entire midface including the upper jaw to remodel for adults. The same appliance stimulates actual growth for children.

The lower jaw simultaneously follows the changes happening in the upper jaw, but is also stimulated gently and safely by an orthopedic approach. The path of change is in harmony with physiology and a more face forward direction. Once the new bone has been formed and the jaws are more fully developed, the following orthodontic phase can correctly straighten the teeth into all the newly developed bone provided by orthopedic stimulation. The result is straight teeth and more correctly sized and positioned jaws, which can make the face more beautiful; allow more room in the mouth for the tongue to position more properly, thus helping breathing; help the TM joints to become healthy ; and finally can help the upper cervical spine to attain more correct and stable form and balance. Dr. Buck believes you can have straight teeth, but ultimately more importantly profoundly healthy physiology of the jaws as well. You don’t have to choose one or the other, with the epigenetic approach you always get both! The result is your healthiest, happiest smile.


Frequently Asked Questions

Overbite and Retruded Jaw Problems

Overbite and Retruded Jaw Problems


Here is an example of a teenager where we used a palatal expander/remodeling appliance to produce remarkable changes in both jaws. When working with younger patients the compound effect of remaining growth in the facial structures along with remodeling can produce remarkable results in a shorter period of time.

Extractions for braces


 Dr. Buck believes extractions for orthodontic purposes are usually not necessary. With applying jaw development orthopedics, room can be made for all the teeth even in more crowded cases. By addressing the deficient foundation of underdeveloped jaws, sufficient space can be made for all the permanent teeth to fit within the arches. We are happy to discuss your options with you regarding resolving crowded teeth. Please consider a consult with our office.

Before                                                              After


The patient of Dr. Buck had no less than 3 opinions that all insisted she have 4 permanent teeth taken out for the purpose of braces. Dr. Buck will make every attempt to avoid extracting teeth for braces, which are usually not necessary in his clinical opinion.

Broad Beautiful Arch Forms

Dr. Buck believes in creating broad and full arch forms. This provides for beautiful smiles that create a stunning first impression, but as importantly allows maximum room for the tongue to position up in the palate comfortably which protects the airway during sleep. An open airway means no forward posture insuring a healthy cervical spine.

The picture shows a patient Dr. Buck has treated, and how a broad “Roman arch form” is achieved with physiologically shaped wires. Using a broad form wire maximizes volume for the tongue to lay properly in the mouth and not restricted in a fashion that can invade on the airway. Narrower arch forms are shown in comparison. The left side in the lower arch form, and the right side is the upper arch form. You can see the more well rounded shape on the arches that are circled. The difference although subtle, is significant in terms of total airway health.

The Cosmetic Results

Orthodontics straighten your teeth for a beautiful smile.  However, patients with under-developed jaw bones who undergo Epigenetic treatments see an improvement in facial bone structure resulting in a more attractive appearance. The corrupt pattern of facial and jaw development always leads to narrower and longer faces with the collapse of both jaws in a down and backward trajectory. This results in a larger appearing nose; thin and unattractive lips; sunken cheek bones; weak and retruded lower jaws; bags under the eyes; sloping foreheads. In fact our transcendent appreciation of facial beauty or the lack thereof follows this theme.

Notice the artists interpretation of beauty is a more face forward horizontally developed profile, while decreasing beauty parallels the path of faulty growth.

A properly proportioned jaw completes a shape in the lower face that makes the face more attractive.  Combined with a smile of straight teeth resulting from orthodontics, an Epigenetic approach to orthodontics can have the result of both facelift and cosmetic dentistry.

Teens and Adults

Teens and Adults

Traditionally orthodontic work has been done mostly on teens.  However, recent breakthroughs in orthodontic technology such as clear braces and Invisalign® have removed many adults’ cosmetic objections to braces.  Epigenetic science has dispelled the notion that you cannot have active bone remodeling in the adult jaws such that you can change the size, shape and position of the jaws.

Thanks to advanced jaw orthopedics and epigenetic driven treatments, orthodontics can be the answer for adults who not only want straight teeth, but want improvement from TMJ problems and head and neck pain. Any time both jaws can be remodeled in a face forward direction many significant benefits can be achieved. This form of treatment respects the capacity of the airway and allows for healthy balance in the temporomandibular joints.

Dr. Buck also uses an Infrared Laser for all orthodontic patients at all visits as it decreases discomfort associated with actively moving teeth.

Our philosophy of orthopedics and orthodontics means jaw surgery may not be necessary

Jaw surgery may be an excellent treatment method in complex cases to achieve a very positive outcome. In more mild situations jaw surgery is offered as an option along with orthodontics and patients can choose if they want to have just orthodontics and not proceed to surgery. Some cases can be treated well non-surgically with remodeling strategies Dr. Buck uses. We are happy to provide a consultation to review options for non-surgical jaw development orthodontics.

Non Surgery

This young patient with a severe underbite would have likely been recommended to have jaw surgery  after the adult teeth came in and he was an adult. By harnessing jaw growth potential and using appropriate functional orthopedic appliance therapy, the underbite was corrected in a matter of months and he will not need jaw surgery. The right xray shows the correction.

Lip seal, nasal breathing and no tongue habits are necessary for a better outcome.

Lip seal, nasal breathing and no tongue habits are necessary for a better outcome

Dr. Buck and his team are focused on assessing breathing, tongue posture and swallowing problems. We actively provide myofunctional therapy and build this into all of our treatment plans. If breathing and tongue posture are not corrected during treatment, the face can continue to grow in an unwanted direction resulting in a longer face with both jaws down and back as seen in the picture on the left. Notice the right picture where attention was paid to proper rest oral posture and active orthopedic treatment to stimulate horizontal face forward development. The result is both jaws are more forward which improves the airway, facial balance and generates more volume in the mouth for tongue to lay properly. The term ” airway centric” applies to our practice for all patients who seek our care.

Facial changes can occur with extracting bicuspids for orthodontics

Facial changes can occur with extracting bicuspids for orthodontics

Courtesy Dr. John Mew
Observe the effects of extracting four bicuspids (premolars) from the dental arches for orthodontic purposes. These identical twins had identical bad bites of crooked teeth (malocclusions). The twin on the left had four bicuspids extracted and orthodontic treatments of the traditional variety. Her twin sister, on the right side, had her malocclusion treated the European Functional Jaw Orthopedics way using removable Functional Appliances as a part of her treatment plan, and most importantly, she did NOT have four bicuspids extracted as part of the treatment. Look Closely. Now remember, these photos are not repeats of the same person but individual pictures of two different persons, identical twins. After orthodontic treatment was completed, notice the difference in facial appearance of the girls’ faces. The girl on the left has had four bicuspids extracted and traditional American style metal braces. The girl on the right had her treatment done by means of European style removable Functional Appliances and did NOT have any teeth removed. Notice the wide face, the broader smile, the fuller appearance to the entire smile line, and the fullness and beauty of the lower facial structure!