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Vitamin K2 to Promote Bone Growth

Vitamin K2 to Promote Bone Growth

Our modern diet does us no favors when it comes to the effects of sleep apnea. As part of my facial growth treatment, I prescribe Vitamin K2 to promote bone growth and dental health. Before modern Western menus, food preparation and food preferences developed over time, Vitamin K2 was a commonly found in the primitive diet. Organ meat like liver and kidneys are rich sources of K2, but in the modern Western diet, these foods are not commonly served. Most people only seek out K2 these days because they learn they have a deficiency and, they treat that deficiency with supplements.

A lack of Vitamin K2 through the developmental years may contribute to the jaw, and subsequently the airway, not developing fully. An underdeveloped airway is often a key reason why a person develops sleep apnea. And, with sleep apnea, a large range of diseases and disorders can begin to take effect.

The term sleep apnea neatly packages a disease with many widespread effects on the body. Generally, lower oxygen intake when you are asleep and consciously can’t control your breathing has many immediate, short-term and long-term effects on your health. Just like food and water, oxygen is a vital to healthy function. Take in a low amount of water over time and you become dehydrated, affecting your whole body. Deprive yourself of oxygen over time and both your health and wellness begin to deteriorate.

Low oxygen intake affects your physical functions and metal functions, even down to the cellular level. Brain loci can be damaged by oxygen deprivation, which is what happens when breathing is limited by sleep apnea. This leads to impaired cognitive performance and function. We can treat all the physical conditions and, by extension, the mental and emotional affects of sleep apnea with Facial Bone Growth treatment promoted by Vitamin K2.

Our Facial Growth treatments are designed to stimulate bone growth in the jaw to fully form the jaw to its full potential. When we perform this treatment, we often prescribe supplements of Vitamin K2 to promote the bone growth process, much like the primitive diet supplied K2 through regular dietary consumption. Understanding the role K2 plays illustrates the importance of a complete approach to growing the jaw and airway to maximize your health and wellness.

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