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Jaw Orthopedics for Adults

Jaw Remodeling for Adults

Our orthodontics treatments are aimed at helping to control TMJ problems. After successful TMJ appliance therapy is complete, a patient may elect to proceed to jaw development orthodontics to more fully stabilize TMJ problems. Face forward orthodontic treatments can also improve space for the tongue and improve breathing.  We combine all of our treatments with myofunctional therapies to optimize outcomes.

Learn more about our unique approach to achieve health and function. Learn more about our unique approach to achieve health and functionClick here to meet with Dr. Buck for a consultation or call us at 206-316-8286

Case Studies

3 Dimensional Remodeling of the Entire Face

3 dimensional remodeling of the entire face



The epigenetic jaw remodeling we provide stimulate 3 dimensional correction to the face and jaws. Note the asymmetry in the left picture and compare to the balance and harmony in the face after 7 months of facial orthopedics.



Note how the cant in the upper jaw as self corrected via 3 dimensional remodeling during the epigenetic jaw remodeling process. Jaw development orthopedics and orthodontics is a profound epigenetic driven process. The body instinctively knows where proper alignment of the jaws is and can re-generate this with correct stimulation.



Look how much the entire jaw structure has remodeled and changed the profile of the face profoundly. This was accomplished in a little over 7 months time with epigenetic jaw remodeling

More case studies

This patient in growth guidance treatment was able to stop using CPAP

This is a prior 4 bicuspid extraction orthodontic case that wanted to breathe better and eliminate headaches. She is doing very well now.

Facial orthopedics and jaw remodeling progresses over the entire course of treatment in our office. This can be up to 2 or more years.

Much improved posture, and more naturally corrected head position as the underdeveloped jaws are being stimulated to grow/remodel. Notice the improvement in the neck as well.

Notice how over 3 and ½ years the midface has continued to remodel. In particular look at the bridge of the nose and how the check bones supporting the eye have remodeled forward.

Facial Regeneration from Epigenetic Jaw Remodeling

Examples of profound facial regeneration from epigenetic jaw remodeling. This is curative for complex TMJ pain problems like no other modality available. Both of these patients are chronic pain patients who have stabilized via jaw development orthopedics.

Examples of face forward horizontal regeneration of the jaws via epigenetic jaw remodeling

Complete Remodeling of the Lower Jaw in Adults

Not only can epigenetic jaw remodeling stimulate the complete 3 dimensional remodeling of the upper jaw and mid face, the lower jaw in adults can be stimulated to fully remodel. In this case in 4 months treatment time the lower jaw has changed the angle between the Ramus and body of the Mandible which has allowed the entire lower jaw to come forward as the upper jaw simultaneously develops forward. This changes the entire face, returning health and beauty to the face.

Although these principles were established in the dental scientific Literature decades ago, the conventional wisdom is that it is impossible to change the lower jaw once growth has completed around the age of puberty. Dr. Buck teaches these principles to dentists eager to incorporate face forward epigenetic orthopedics for their patients.