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Our Team

Our Team

Dr. Buck

Dr. Buck is the former director of orthodontics at LVIADS in Summerlin Nevada. He also received the prestigious Mastership status from LVI ( 2008), and has been a clinical instructor teaching live patients courses at LVIADS since 2002. Additionally, he has the honor of having been a Master Certified Instructor for Facial Beauty Institute which teaches dentists advanced orthopedics and orthodontics across the world.

He has created Balance Epigenetic Orthodontics in Lynnwood Washington which is a state of the art treatment facility dedicated to advanced orthodontics, facial orthopedics, sleep and TMJ treatments. It is a one of a kind practice in Washington state that is solely dedicated to these treatments. Dr. Buck has lead study clubs in Spokane and Seattle and has been published in LVI visions magazine. Dr. Buck is a member of the IAO ( International Association of Orthodontics), and the AAPMD (American Academy of Physiologic Medicine and Dentistry). Dr. Buck has also served as a board member for IAPA ( International Academy of Physiologic Aesthetics) and is an active member. Dr. Buck is part of a select committee on airway and facial development and embraces the new paradigm of airway centric dentistry.

Dr. Buck resides in Edmonds, and has raised six children with his wife Theresa. He has coached youth football, and basketball for many years and has been active in his community in Rotary, and is a past President of his local Lion’s club. He has also served on the Tyee Sports Council at the University of Washington, and the whole family are lifelong Husky fans. Dr. Buck and his family are avid snow skiers, and also enjoy water skiing, and golf. Dr. Buck also enjoys competitive one design keel boat sailing and racing on Puget Sound. Dr. Buck has received numerous awards for excellence in teaching and clinical practice. He is a also a founding partner in a leading dental environmental company that has created mercury separator technology that prevents waster water contamination with mercury. He believes in holistic methods that are metal free, and for his efforts in environmental protection has received the Washington Governor’s award for environmental excellence. This has allowed his office to receive a five star rating from envirostars, which is the highest rating for environmentally safe practices.

Dr. Scoppa

An Arkansas native, Dr. Jason Scoppa has been practicing in the Seattle area for around seven years. Having graduated from Palmer West, Dr. Scoppa went on to earn post graduate certifications in SOT (Sacro Occipital Technique), SOT craniopathy, Applied Kinesiology, and Sports Medicine through the ACBSP. He is the only doctor in the northwest certified as an SOT craniopath, and has completed hundreds of hours of post graduate coursework in the areas of TMJ (Jaw dynamics and issues), TMD (conditions associated with TMJ problems), as well as airway compromise, cranial facial growth and development, and cranial-dental co-management. Dr. Scoppa currently teaches SOT and integrated care models through SOTO-USA, and regularly publishes case studies at research conferences throughout the US.

The TMJ (jaw) and bite are affected by areas as far away as the feet, but can also be a causative factor in pain or dysfunction in other areas of the body. It’s not unusual for patients to have TMJ or bite issues that are actually causing their other musculoskeletal problems, or have issues in the feet, pelvis, sacrum, or neck that are causing TMJ pain. This is why an integrated approach to care is such a powerful tool when it comes to issues of TMJ, bite, and cranial-facial dynamics.

Dr. Buck and Dr. Scoppa share a similar mindset in terms of cranial-facial dynamics and Dr. Scoppa is excited to work in a collaborative role with Dr. Buck and his team at Balance Epigenetic Orthodontics, providing holistic and low-force treatment options for musculoskeletal issues with an emphasis on helping prepare patients for orthodontic work, or helping patients adapt to orthodontic work that might be present. He’s seen the fantastic results this office has been getting and hopes to add to the great work that’s already being done.