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What Are Early Symptoms Of Orthodontic Problems?

WEO Media - October 31, 2023 - 0 comments

Young main experiencing jaw pain, an early orthodontic symptom

What Are Early Symptoms Of Orthodontic Problems?

There are numerous early orthodontic problems. Certain orthodontic issues can be more manageable if addressed early. Delaying treatment until all permanent teeth erupt or facial growth is nearly finished may complicate correcting some problems. However, it’s worth noting that both children and adults can benefit from orthodontic care because healthy teeth can be adjusted at nearly any age. The following early warning signs:

Difficulty Chewing or Biting

Challenges with chewing food effectively or correct biting may indicate potential problems with teeth or jaw alignment. Signs of chewing problems include food lingering in the mouth and falling out. It may also consist of a sluggish and inefficient chewing and eating process.

Crowded or Crooked Teeth

When your child exhibits signs of crowded teeth, it could indicate that they might require substantial orthodontic treatment later on. Early orthodontic intervention helps to avert the development of severe problems in the future. Additionally, it may be more efficacious in rectifying orthodontic issues than treatment received later in life.

Speech Difficulties

Misaligned teeth can impact your child’s ability to articulate words accurately and effectively control airflow while speaking. If your child has difficulty pronouncing specific words or faces general speech challenges, seeking consultation with our orthodontist is advisable. Collaborating with a speech pathologist may offer valuable assistance in addressing these concerns.

Teeth Clenching or Grinding

Teeth grinding can cause significant harm to children as it damages the jaw joint and teeth. Persistent clenching and grinding can lead to some issues. These include jaw pain, earaches, and headaches. It can also result in tooth damage like tooth fractures and enamel wear-down. Our orthodontist can help address the root cause and prevent future complications.

Thumb Sucking

Most parents perceive thumb-sucking as harmless, but it can have severe consequences over time. Extended thumb-sucking can gradually push a child’s teeth outward and disrupt proper jaw development. Besides, this misalignment can lead to eating difficulties.

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