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Sleep Apnea Can Affect More Than Just Your Sleep

It's no secret that sleep apnea can have serious consequences for physical health. Interruptions in breathing during the night can translate into diminished oxygen absorption, poor sleep, and a range of other complications. But what many people don't realize are the numerous ways sleep apnea, and the resulting sleep deprivation can impact every aspect of their waking lives.

Implications for Your Life

The effects of not getting enough sleep at night can leak into and affect other parts of your life. When a person is sleep-deprived, the following complications may arise as a result according to Healthline:

  • memory issues
  • mood changes
  • weakened immunity
  • risk for diabetes
  • low sex drive
  • trouble thinking or concentrating
  • accidents
  • high blood pressure
  • weight gain
  • poor balance

Unforeseen Effects of Sleep Apnea

  • Driving: Lack of sleep can lead to drowsiness, which according to the CDC, is similar to drunk driving. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 83,000 crashes were a direct result of drowsy driving.
  • Work: Work-life can take a hit from sleep deprivation too. Concentration, creativity, and problem-solving skills are all diminished when someone doesn't get enough sleep, in addition to poor balance.
  • Relationships: Less sleep can turn into emotional distress and agitation. If you're not acting like yourself, friendships and family ties can become significantly strained. Memory issues can affect your relationships, as can low sex drive and trouble concentrating.
  • Mental health: Because sleep apnea affects your mood, memory, and immunity, it can trigger mania in people with a bipolar mood disorder. Other psychological risks include impulsive behavior, anxiety, depression, paranoia, and suicidal thoughts.

Treat Sleep Apnea in Lynnwood, WA

Sleep apnea treatment requires a neuromuscular dental professional's recommendations and a multi-faceted approach to account for the broad spectrum of symptoms possible.

Start treating your sleep apnea today! Call (425) 361-0715 or visit our contact page here for more information about treatment plans to reclaim your night's sleep. Dr. Buck of Balance Epigenetic Orthodontics specializes in sleep apnea and TMJ treatment making his office an excellent resource for those in need of relief. 

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Epigenetic Orthodontics can open and protect the airway enhancing breathing both during sleep and awake activities.

Dr. Buck practices a philosophy that integrates airway into all diagnosis and treatments. Dentistry has traditionally not considered the airway when planning dental treatments. Fortunately, today there is a rapidly growing movement that now recognizes how dentistry can have an impact on the airway which affects breathing during sleep. If dental treatments, including TMJ, orthopedic and orthodontics are well planned the result can be that the airway is protected or even enhanced. There is a clear link between underdeveloped and retruded jaws together with narrow dental arches that puts a patient at risk for sleep breathing disorders.

Please visit this site for more information; Airway Health

WOW! A 54% decrease in forward head posture; 164% increase in the antero-posterior size of the airway; 176% increase in the lateral size of the airway all from epigenetically centered jaw development orthopedics. This is the future of orthodontics!​