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A Foundation for Oral Health


Every expecting mother wants the best for her baby, and that entails paying more attention to her own habits, especially when it comes to what she eats, what she does, where she goes, and who she's with. The list is truly never-ending. Routine doctor visits are always at the top of the list when it comes to health check-ups, but what many often overlook is oral care.

For the Baby

Proper oral care is essential for anyone's overall wellbeing. Poor oral health can have implications for various other diseases and conditions ranging from diabetes to heart health and many others. These complications are exacerbated for women going through pregnancy. Expecting mothers who do not maintain the recommended level of dental hygiene risk complications for their unborn child. Some of the most concerning ramifications for poor dental care during pregnancy include:


  • What is it? Periodontitis is a serious gum infection that damages the soft tissue and bone supporting the tooth.
  • How can it affect the baby? Periodontitis is associated with preterm births and low birth weights.
  • How can it be prevented? Prevention includes brushing teeth twice a day with fluoride-based toothpaste and flossing at least once a day, also regular visits to the dentist.

Dental Caries (Tooth Decay)

  • What is it? Dental caries are also known as tooth decay and are commonly referred to as cavities. Tooth decay results from the fermentation of dietary carbohydrates by oral bacteria, which produce an acid that demineralizes enamel.
  • How can it affect the baby? Children born to mothers with high levels of cariogenic bacteria are more likely to develop caries themselves, leading to tooth decay.
  • How can it be prevented? Brushing twice a day with a fluoride-based toothpaste can go a long way in preventing tooth decay. Additionally, limiting sugary foods that react with bacteria can also help prevent decay.

For Mom

During pregnancy, some mothers have shown an increased susceptibility to oral health conditions. For example, an influx of progesterone can increase a mother's risk of developing gingivitis. Loose teeth, pregnancy oral tumors, oral lesions, and tooth decay are also concerning during this time.

While pregnancy oral tumors only occur in about five percent of pregnancies and typically recede after delivery, any mention of the word tumor is usually worry inducing cementing the importance of a strong oral health regiment during pregnancy.

Expecting and Need Dental Care?

Dr. Buck and the team at Balance Epigenetic Orthodontics understand that proper oral care is not just good for your health but the health of your children as well. Regular dental care can go a long way in providing a strong foundation for your child. It's never too early to plan for the future. If you're concerned about the wellness of your baby's teeth, gums, or oral health, call Dr. Buck today at (425) 409-2180 or visit our contact page. 

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