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Orthodontics is About More Than Straight Teeth

Dr. Buck’s approach to orthodontics treats the whole face, not just the teeth. Dr. Buck uses epigenetic science to trigger jaw development and remodeling to overcome deficient growth patterns that exist.

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Our Approach to Orthodontics

According to newer information and analysis, we now understand that upwards of eighty plus percent of our modern population has an underdeveloped upper jaw and midface when comparing to remote population groups that have an ancestral diet and no exposure to modern pollutants. Because of the strong biological drive to have the teeth couple to allow adequate chewing, the lower jaw must react to the underdeveloped upper jaw and thus becomes underdeveloped as well. In Dr. Buck's opinion, smaller jaws are a result of the compounding factors of a diet that is much softer than our predecessors, added to the lack of robust nasal breathing in children during the time when the face is growing rapidly roughly between ages 6-14 or so. These changes create an alteration in functional signaling to the jaws and affect their growth patterns. To initiate positive orthopedic changes, Dr. Buck uses a comfortable appliance that stimulates an area on the palate causing the entire midface including the upper jaw to remodel for adults.  The same appliance stimulates actual growth for children.

The lower jaw simultaneously follows the changes happening in the upper jaw, but is also stimulated gently and safely by an orthopedic approach. The path of change is in harmony with physiology and a more face forward direction. Once the new bone has been formed and the jaws are more fully developed, the following orthodontic phase can correctly straighten the teeth into all the newly developed bone provided by orthopedic stimulation. The result is straight teeth and more correctly sized and positioned jaws, which can make the face more beautiful; allow more room in the mouth for the tongue to position more properly, thus helping breathing; help the TM joints to become healthy ; and finally can help the upper cervical spine to attain more correct and stable form and balance. Dr. Buck believes you can have straight teeth, but ultimately more importantly profoundly healthy physiology of the jaws as well. You don’t have to choose one or the other, with the epigenetic approach you always get both! The result is your healthiest, happiest smile.


Frequently Asked Questions

Overbite and Retruded Jaw Problems

Overbite and Retruded Jaw Problems

Here is an example in a teenager of 8 months of facial orthopedics with the anterior growth guidance appliance. When working with younger patients the compound effect of remaining growth in the facial structures along with remodeling can produce remarkable results in a shorter period of time.


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Epigenetic Orthodontics can open and protect the airway enhancing breathing both during sleep and awake activities.

Dr. Buck practices a philosophy that integrates airway into all diagnosis and treatments. Dentistry has traditionally not considered the airway when planning dental treatments. Fortunately, today there is a rapidly growing movement that now recognizes how dentistry can have an impact on the airway which affects breathing during sleep. If dental treatments, including TMJ, orthopedic and orthodontics are well planned the result can be that the airway is protected or even enhanced. There is a clear link between underdeveloped and retruded jaws together with narrow dental arches that puts a patient at risk for sleep breathing disorders.

Please visit this site for more information; Airway Health

WOW! A 54% decrease in forward head posture; 164% increase in the antero-posterior size of the airway; 176% increase in the lateral size of the airway all from epigenetically centered jaw development orthopedics. This is the future of orthodontics!​