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Don’t Extract Teeth for Braces: Get a Second Opinion

Extracting teeth for braces is outdated, but unfortunately it's still being done all around the country. Many older orthodontists and dentists were trained to extract teeth in order to help the bite align better. However, modern dentistry has come a long way, and this is where the importance of choosing an orthodontist or dentist who values continuing education comes in. There are always other options to achieve the same, or even better, results without extracting teeth.

As you probably learned in middle or high school science class, for every action, there is a reaction. Many of the outcomes of removing perfectly healthy teeth are negative, not to mention it's simply unnecessary. Here are just a few of the reasons not to remove healthy teeth:

It Can Make You Age Faster

Our culture is well known for its commitment to fighting the effects of aging long before they even begin to show up. Removing teeth (or losing them due to gum disease or decay and not replacing them) can cause the face to lose structure and appear flatter. It can make both men and women look older prematurely.

It Can Cause You to Start Mouth Breathing and Snoring

When the bite is rearranged through removing teeth, it can create a smaller space for the tongue, which can cause it to block the throat. That creates a high likelihood you could become a mouth breather. This could also lead to the tongue blocking the airway during sleep, causing snoring or sleep apnea.

Teeth Have to Be Moved Further

If we remove teeth to make room for a straighter smile, oftentimes the remaining teeth need to be moved much farther than they would with jaw growth therapy. This increases the risk for overcorrection and can damage the bone structure.

For more information about our jaw growth therapy that eliminates the need for extraction, or to schedule an appointment for a second opinion, call us today at Balance Epigenetic Orthodontics at 206-316-8286.

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Epigenetic Orthodontics can open and protect the airway enhancing breathing both during sleep and awake activities.

Dr. Buck practices a philosophy that integrates airway into all diagnosis and treatments. Dentistry has traditionally not considered the airway when planning dental treatments. Fortunately, today there is a rapidly growing movement that now recognizes how dentistry can have an impact on the airway which affects breathing during sleep. If dental treatments, including TMJ, orthopedic and orthodontics are well planned the result can be that the airway is protected or even enhanced. There is a clear link between underdeveloped and retruded jaws together with narrow dental arches that puts a patient at risk for sleep breathing disorders.

Please visit this site for more information; Airway Health

WOW! A 54% decrease in forward head posture; 164% increase in the antero-posterior size of the airway; 176% increase in the lateral size of the airway all from epigenetically centered jaw development orthopedics. This is the future of orthodontics!​