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What is the Cause of Your Headaches?

Living with routine headaches can be incredibly difficult. Headaches and migraines for some can be a simple disturbance during their days, but for others, they can completely incapacitate the ability to perform regular daily activities. If you find that you experience regular headaches and migraines, it may be good to see your doctor to identify the cause. Some headaches may be caused by environmental factors that you can help control, while other causes are genetic and may require specialty doctor care to address.

Common Triggers for Headaches

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Skipping meals
  • Glares and bright lights
  • Unhealthy sleep patterns
  • An improper bite or tooth alignment

Sleep Apnea Causing Headaches

If you have been told that you snore throughout the night, you may be affected by sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is the blockage of the airway at night, leading to oxygen deprivation to the brain and a poor sleep pattern. Untreated and recurring sleep apnea can cause frequent headaches and migraines in those affected, especially in the mornings. With a lack of oxygen to the brain and a disruptive sleeping pattern, many patients experience morning headaches as their body recovers from a less than optimal sleep.

Jaw Misalignment Causing Headaches

Another common cause of headaches and migraines can be a misaligned jaw or teeth that do not connect properly. If this is the case, then every time you take a bite, speak, or close your mouth, the jaw has to carefully reposition itself so the teeth do not damage themselves. The constant shifting of the jaw often leads to a sore jaw muscle and the development of headaches.

Address Jaw Problems to Treat Your Headaches

If you are finding sleep apnea or jaw alignment to be the cause of your headaches and migraines, then seeing Dr. David Buck for jaw realignment can help solve your issues at the root cause of the problem. Through guided growth treatments, Dr. Buck has been able to open the airway and realign the jaw for a more comfortable and safe daily life. Many patients who have undergone treatment at Balance Epigenetic Orthodontics have reported a drastic lessening of their headaches and migraines caused by sleep apnea or misalignment!

Suffer No More!

Schedule a consultation to realign your jaw or open your airway with Dr. Buck today by calling 425-361-0826.

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Epigenetic Orthodontics can open and protect the airway enhancing breathing both during sleep and awake activities.

Dr. Buck practices a philosophy that integrates airway into all diagnosis and treatments. Dentistry has traditionally not considered the airway when planning dental treatments. Fortunately, today there is a rapidly growing movement that now recognizes how dentistry can have an impact on the airway which affects breathing during sleep. If dental treatments, including TMJ, orthopedic and orthodontics are well planned the result can be that the airway is protected or even enhanced. There is a clear link between underdeveloped and retruded jaws together with narrow dental arches that puts a patient at risk for sleep breathing disorders.

Please visit this site for more information; Airway Health

WOW! A 54% decrease in forward head posture; 164% increase in the antero-posterior size of the airway; 176% increase in the lateral size of the airway all from epigenetically centered jaw development orthopedics. This is the future of orthodontics!​