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Growth guidance therapy for adults involves gently and safely stimulating the lifelong remodeling potential within the jaws and face. By correctly applying growth appliance strategy, the results are profound. These include creating room for crowded teeth; development of the face in a forward horizontal direction which improves the appearance of the cheek bones, eyes, nose and lower jaw line. This opens the airway, potentially eliminating sleep breathing problems, and also greatly improves the stability of the upper cervical complex C-1 and C-2 which are vital to total spinal alignment.

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3 dimensional remodeling of the entire face


The growth guidance orthopedic treatment we provide stimulate 3 dimensional correction to the face and jaws. Note the asymmetry in the left picture and compare to the balance and harmony in the face after 7 months of facial orthopedics.

Note how the cant in the upper jaw as self corrected via 3 dimensional remodeling during the growth orthopedic process. Jaw development orthopedics and orthodontics is a profound epigenetic driven process. The body instinctively knows where proper alignment of the jaws is and can re-generate this with correct stimulation. 

Look how much the entire jaw structure has remodeled and changed the profile of the face profoundly. This was accomplished in a little over 7 months time with growth guidance orthopedics


Examples of profound facial regeneration from growth guidance treatment. This is curative for complex TMJ pain problems like no other modality available. Both of these patients are chronic pain patients who have stabilized via jaw development orthopedics.

Examples of face forward horizontal regeneration of the jaws via growth guidance treatment




Patient with face forward complete remodeling of the jaws

Growth appliance inserted and then shows the space development behind the cuspid.

The growth appliance stimulates the frontal part of the upper jaw to relocate forward and subsequent braces protract the teeth forward which effectively brings the entire upper jaw forward. The lower jaw remodels forward at the same time with appropriate stimulation to remodel.


Complete remodeling of the lower jaw in adults

Not only can growth guidance principles stimulate the complete 3 dimensional remodeling of the upper jaw and mid face, the lower jaw in adults can be stimulated to fully remodel. In this case in 4 months treatment time the lower jaw has changed the angle between the Ramus and body of the Mandible which has allowed the entire lower jaw to come forward as the upper jaw simultaneously develops forward. This changes the entire face, returning health and beauty to the face.

Although these principles were established in the dental scientific Literature decades ago, the conventional wisdom is that it is impossible to change the lower jaw once growth has completed around the age of puberty. Dr. Buck teaches these principles to dentists eager to incorporate face forward epigenetic orthopedics for their patients.


Face Behind

Here are 2 good examples of the major differences in growth patterns of the face. The left side shows a face forward more ideal expression of genetic potential. Notice how much better looking the face is being more horizontally developed. This pattern will have a much healthier cervical spine; total body posture; airway and TMJ's. The growth orthopedics Dr. Buck practices uses creates results like this. Notice the right side is a typical pattern of corrupted facial growth where the upper jaw and midface failed to develop properly as a result of some degree of inadequate nasal breathing during the rapid period of facial growth from birth to age 12. Although this patient may have straight teeth via some orthodontic treatment, the foundation of the face has been damaged. In this case it is much more likely this patient has some degree of compression of the jaw joints; narrower airway ( possible sleep apnea); altered posture of the neck and body; TMJ symptoms such as headaches and neck pain.


Cervical Spine View Xrays

Poor Cervical Spine
Good Lateral Spine


On the left is a lateral cervical spine xray that shows how much the cervical spine can be damaged in alignment by a bad bite. This patient presented with an underbite, again the underdeveloped mid face and upper jaw have created a pathologic straight c spine. Fortunately,  we are now correcting this with orthopedics. If left like this long enough pain and degeneration will happen in the spine. later in life.  On the right is another view of a very good lordodic curvature in the spine which reflects health and stability. One of the great benefits of face forward epigenetic driven therapy provided by Dr. Buck is better alignment of the whole body including the cervical spine.

Dr. Buck's Philosophy

Epigenetic Orthodontics opens and protects the airway enhancing breathing both during sleep and awake activities.

Dr. Buck practices a philosophy that integrates airway into all diagnosis and treatments. Traditional approaches do not consider the functioning capacity of the airway and how treatment can negatively, or positively affect breathing and sleep. A compromised airway puts health at risk at any age. If TMJ treatments, orthopedics, and orthodontics are planned well the airway is protected or enhanced. In fact in adults who have sleep apnea, facial orthopedic treatment can increase room for the tongue, and airway. There is increasing evidence that has demonstrated that mild to moderate sleep apnea can be cured with the approach Dr. Buck uses.

Please visit this site for more information; Airway Health