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Children have growth centers in the face and jaws that are active and available for stimulation. The orthopedic effect of harnessing growth can produce the most beneficial results. Hence Dr. Buck would prefer to evaluate children around the age of six. If unwanted, or deficient growth tendencies are discovered, growth guidance orthopedics can be used to correct the trajectory of growth which will have dramatic benefits on the face and airway. If any treatment is deferred until all the adult teeth have erupted, then facial growth potential is greatly reduced. Remodeling of the jaws however, is something that can be done at any age, but for the most ideal result harnessing growth and remodeling before puberty is best.

Know all the unique facts about your child’s facial growth potential and how to achieve it. Click here to meet with Dr. Buck for a consultation. 

Here is a great example of epigenetically driven full face orthodontics. Notice in profile on left before treatment and right how much forward horizontal facial development has occurred. This means her jaw joints are healthy, airway is open and body posture is nearly perfect, all in addition to a beautiful smile. Notice the broad and full smile, which also is supportive of the lips in profile. There is synergy of health and beauty which is what we always strive for!

Growth Guidance

You can see in just seven month with growth guidance how the entire face has developed forward in this young patient. The outline is showing the most ideal profile for her age and it is obviouse that the face has started to grow down and back away from the outline. The right view shows how the face has grown forward and is back on a preferred pattern of growth. This is why Dr. Buck believes  growth appliances that are truly functional are so important in growing children starting around 6 years of age. Waiting until all the permanent teeth erupt around age 12 or so will miss most of the facial growth potential, and this is often how orthodontics are provided unfortunately.




True Facial and Jaw orthopedics in action!



This 7 year old patient is wearing a growth guidance appliance and you can see the robust changes to the growing lower jaw ( Mandible) in just one month! When the appliance is delivered only the back molars touch and forward of that the teeth are opened. This stimulates the Jaw to grow and remodeling to create coupling of the teeth. In just one month you can see all the back teeth are now touching. This is remarkable physical evidence that we can sculpt and stimulate the entire lower jaw to change its shape and size and position. We are correcting the trajectory of growth from an unwanted vertical down and back path, and converting it to a forward and up trajectory, which is in the direction for the best airway, posture, and esthetics of the face. This remarkable, simple and elegant appliance has multiple profound orthopedic affects on both jaws as well as a myofunctional effect which amplifies the desirable orthopedic changes

Dr. Buck's Philosophy

Epigenetic Orthodontics opens and protects the airway enhancing breathing both during sleep and awake activities.

Dr. Buck practices a philosophy that integrates airway into all diagnosis and treatments. Traditional approaches do not consider the functioning capacity of the airway and how treatment can negatively, or positively affect breathing and sleep. A compromised airway puts health at risk at any age. If TMJ treatments, orthopedics, and orthodontics are planned well the airway is protected or enhanced. In fact in adults who have sleep apnea, facial orthopedic treatment can increase room for the tongue, and airway. There is increasing evidence that has demonstrated that mild to moderate sleep apnea can be cured with the approach Dr. Buck uses.

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