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Is It a Headache or a Migraine?

​ When pain, aching or intense pressure in your head begins, it can be hard to determine if it's a migraine or a headache. Sometimes, severe headaches can be mistaken for migraines and migraines can be mistaken for a bad headache. Ask yourself these questions to determine which it is next time head pain strikes. Do you feel intense, pulsing or thro...
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New Study Shows SPG Block Effective for Migraine Relief

Research from the Society of Interventional Radiology found that an SPG, or sphenopalatine ganglion, block significantly decreases headache pain scores in children who suffer from migraines. More than 300 treatments were conducted on 200 patients who ranged in age from 7 to 18 at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Using a 10-point scale to record pain, researchers found that after the SPG block was performed, pain scores were lowered by more than two points on average.

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