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Is It a Headache or a Migraine?

​ When pain, aching or intense pressure in your head begins, it can be hard to determine if it's a migraine or a headache. Sometimes, severe headaches can be mistaken for migraines and migraines can be mistaken for a bad headache. Ask yourself these questions to determine which it is next time head pain strikes. Do you feel intense, pulsing or thro...
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What Is Malocclusion?

You may have heard the word before at your dentist, but have you ever wondered what malocclusion actually is? The word malocclusion means "bad bite," and it refers to the way the teeth and jaw fit together when the mouth is closed. If things don't fit correctly, this is considered malocclusion. It can lead to pain in the jaw, teeth, ears, head and ...
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10 Signs It’s a Migraine

Is it a headache, a migraine or something else completely? These 10 signs may help you identify when a migraine is to blame for your discomfort or pain.

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