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Scientists Develop Coatings to Combat Bacteria on Retainers and Aligners

​ In the past, many adults and teens avoided orthodontic treatments because they hated the idea of metal brackets and wires. The social stigma surrounding braces, along with the potential for daily discomfort and sometimes even pain, was enough for many to choose to just live with less-than-perfect teeth and the additional care that goes into tryin...
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Never Too Old for Braces

Thanks to social media and an ever-growing digital presence in the day-to-day lives of people around the world, appearance is arguably more relevant today than in any other period in history. Whether you’re looking for love or searching for your next career move, your profile picture on apps and websites will likely be seen long before you meet someone face to face.

For some, finances in childhood made achieving that dream smile impossible; others just didn’t see it as a priority. But times have certainly changed.

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