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The Future of Dentistry


It seems like our world is constantly changing and improving every day. The world of dentistry is no different. Changes and improvements are constantly being made to offer patients the best treatment possible. We are so excited to show you some exciting new dental trends for 2020!

The first futuristic dental trend is just what you expect when you think of the future: robots. Artificial intelligence is completely transforming the world of dentistry. Robots are able to perform minimally invasive procedures such as teeth cleaning and filling cavities. Very soon, we could all be going to visit robo-dentists!

Along with the use of robots, another technological feat that dentists are using is 3D printers and lasers. These printers allow for instantaneous production of aligners, tooth replacements and veneers. Dental offices will no longer require the use of third-party labs and private practices for the production of these products. In-house printers will increase convenience for both dentists and patients because services can be done on site and same day!

The use of lasers in dentistry is becoming extremely popular, and for good reason. Some examples of how lasers are used in dentistry include whitening teeth, removing decay, reshaping gums and removing bacteria. Along with these uses, dentists find many additional benefits to choosing this method. Lasers make procedures go more smoothly while also decreasing discomfort and healing time for patients. In these procedures, anesthesia might not be necessary, patients are less likely to require sutures, infections are less likely, patients lose less blood and less damage to the gums occurs.

The future is focusing on improving patient interactions and overall customer service. To this end, group dental practices are also rising in popularity. Rather than creating a practice by themselves, many practitioners join forces to make the experience as convenient as possible for the patients. Creating groups that include all forms of dentistry such as general dentists, orthodontists, endodontists and oral surgeons saves patients time, giving them a better customer experience.

While technology and futuristic inventions are the deal these days (as seen above), in some ways, we are also moving back to a more simplistic approach. Numerous forms of natural and environmentally friendly dental products have been introduced and loved! Many people are opting to purchase bamboo toothbrushes and charcoal toothpastes to help support the environment. Natural dental practices are already under way to prevent the use of over-abrasive and strong chemicals. Instead, dental hygiene will include healthier, more environmentally friendly solutions.

Whether we are jumping into the future with having robots as our dentists or are taking it back a notch and using bamboo as toothbrushes, all the change is definitely for the better. The future of dentistry is bright! To schedule an appointment or learn more about our practice, call us today at 425-361-0741.

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