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Are Braces to Blame for TMJ Disorders?

You may have considered braces or other orthodontic therapy for yourself or for your kids, but have you ever thought about how orthodontics may be related to jaw problems such as TMJ? Dr. Buck firmly believes that traditional orthodontic treatments can cause or worsen TMJ problems. That’s not to say in every single case this occurs, but it’s something to take seriously when considering braces and other orthodontic therapy.

In general, traditional orthodontics primarily focuses on the cosmetic appearance of teeth and making them straight. Unfortunately, some who practice this form of dentistry don’t take into consideration joint stability or support, and in many cases existing jaw joint problems are worsened or new joint problems develop as a result. Some of the concerns we’ve seen here at Balance Epigenetic Orthodontics from traditional orthodontic patients seeking a new treatment method and doctor include:

  • Underdeveloped arch
  • Breathing problems
  • High vaulted palates
  • Gum recession
  • Unstable teeth
  • Teeth not gearing properly
  • Improper vertical position
  • TMJ disorder symptoms
  • Head and neck problems

We treat our orthodontic patients with functional orthopedic orthodontics. Placing a strong emphasis on the muscles, jaw joints and teeth and how they all work together leads to a healthier and more cosmetically beautifully outcome. Instead of extractions to make room for crowded teeth, we help the jaw grow and develop to its full potential, which enhances the facial profile and can even improve breathing as it allows for more room in the mouth. 

First, we align the arches of the upper and lower jaw using appliance therapy. Next, we align the teeth individually using braces. Although it seems like this would take longer, our approach actually shortens treatment time, and the results are much more stable and cosmetically appealing.

If you are in pain after traditional orthodontic treatment or are seeking an orthodontist who understands the big picture, call us today at 206-316-8286 for more information.

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