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Chronic Pain Bites the Dust: Correcting the Bite with Orthotic Therapy

For people who suffer from chronic pain and headaches that are symptomatic of TMJ, realigning and correcting the bite can make all the difference. TMJ patients generally suffer from a range of symptoms including chronic headaches or migraines, jaw pain, and tenderness, difficulty chewing, facial pain and locking of the temporomandibular joints. Yet, what many people don’t realize about the disorder is that a misaligned bite is almost always the root cause. With over 15 years of experience in treating TMJ patients, Dr. Buck’s unique treatment focuses on realigning the bite to relieve TMJ-related pain and symptoms.

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Wear Your Smile Well: Why a Properly Aligned Smile is Important

Whether you’re the CEO of a multi-billion-dollar company, a public relations professional helping put your company’s best face forward or a barista at a local coffee shop, your smile matters. We may not like to admit it, but having crooked teeth or a misaligned bite can change the overall attractiveness of our smile. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so for many people, fixing dental issues becomes paramount, and Dr. Buck understands that. In fact, there are many ways that a misaligned bite or crooked teeth can impact our lives.

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A Waste of Breath: How Mouth-breathing is Hurting Your Child

Not all breathing is created equal, and what’s surprising to many parents is how mouth-breathing is harmful to their children. Mouth-breathing in early childhood can lead to a number of health issues such as sleep deprivation and sleep apnea. In fact, current research suggests a link between poor sleep and ADHD. Dr. Buck routinely sees young patients in his practice who struggle with mouth-breathing. The goal is to get these kiddos breathing out of their noses, also known as nasal breathing. With some help and support from Dr. Buck, parents can make this happen.

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Three Things that Make TMJ Worse...and One That Can Help

Living with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) can be a serious pain, and certain habits can increase pain and discomfort. With so many people suffering from this sometimes debilitating disorder, it might come as a surprise that some of those people are doing more damage by exacerbating their symptoms. In his practice, Dr. Buck treats many patients with TMJ, and he’s quick to remind them to steer clear of several harmful habits that can make their pain worse.

TMJ can be a very painful condition, and it’s often made worse when patients don’t take the diagnosis as seriously as they should. Here are several things that can make TMJ symptoms worse and one that can help.

Don’t tool around with your teeth We all do it, but if you have TMJ, using your teeth as tools is a big no-no. It might be the convenient option in lieu of seeking out the proper tools, but using your teeth as a substitute for pliers, scissors or bottle openers puts unnecessary strain and pressure on your jaw joints. Don’t treat your mouth like your own personal, portable toolbox.

Don’t chew on this Tough foods like raw vegetables, steak, raw vegetables, and nuts are some of the worst foods to munch on when you’re battling a painful TMJ flare-up. Instead, reach for softer foods, like cooked vegetables, yogurt or fruit smoothies. These foods will be much easier to chew, exerting your jaw muscles substantially less.

Don’t "hold the phone" When we’re trying to take a call, and our hands are full, we tend to cradle our phones between our chin and shoulders. It might not seem like a painful maneuver, but for TMJ patients, it can be. This posture puts additional strain on the neck and jaw muscles which worsen TMJ symptoms.

Do seek treatment The best thing you can do for your TMJ is to seek treatment from an experienced professional. Current mainstream treatments include long-term medication, various therapies, and even surgery. A lesser known alternative is to treat TMJ with neuromuscular dentistry, which corrects the bite with a less-invasive approach.

If you’re suffering from TMJ and interested in learning more about how Dr. Buck can help you get the relief you’ve been searching for, contact our office today at 206-316-8286 to schedule an appointment.

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Breathe a Sigh of Relief with these Sleep Apnea Winter Tips

During the winter months, the changing temperature and climate can exacerbate sleep apnea symptoms, but there are ways to breathe easier and sleep well. According to a study conducted by the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, breathing problems associated with sleep apnea worsen during the winter time. Dr. Buck sees many patients who suffer from this condition, and he understands how getting a good night’s sleep can be a challenge. Staying comfortable at night and sleeping well can be difficult for people living with sleep apnea, but by incorporating a few tips into your nightly routine, you can help reduce sleep apnea symptoms.


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