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How a Misaligned Bite Can be Game-Changing for Athletes

With basketball and football season in full swing, athletes are expected to perform their best, but recent research suggests that dental malocclusions could impact posture, balance, and athletic performance. A straight and properly aligned smile is more than just cosmetic; it’s healthy and functional in more ways than one. According to two new studies conducted by the Department of Physiology at the University of Barcelona in Spain and the University of Innsbruck in Austria, researchers have confirmed a link between a misaligned bite and postural control. It may seem like a stretch that researchers have found a correlation between the two, but it’s not too surprising once you understand the anatomical logistics.

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Food for Thought: How a Westernized Diet Effects Oral Development

Oral health and development are impacted by many things, but over the past few years, experts suggest that lifestyle and diet have a very substantial effect. Different foods and textures change the shape, growth and trajectory of the human mouth and jaw, and it is not always for the better. In a 2011 study conducted by the Department of Anthropology and School of Anthropology and Conservation at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom, the findings confirm a definitive difference in jaw and mouth shape between people from different cultures and societies. While most people may assume the differences are genetically-based, researchers attribute these differences to outside factors, such as diet and lifestyle.

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The Om-believable Oral Health Benefits of Yoga for Children

Nasal breathing and proper posture can impact a child’s long-term health, and practicing yoga may be the key to unlocking the benefits of these techniques. Yoga has been around for thousands of years and provides many physical and mental benefits. From professional athletes like LeBron James to Aaron Rogers to big-time celebrities like Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake, practitioners the world over have reaped the endless benefits of yoga. With many studios now offering kids yoga classes, this ancient practice is drawing attention from parents who want their children to experience all that yoga has to offer. The American Osteopathic Association lists increased flexibility, increased energy levels, chronic stress relief and sharpened concentration as several yoga benefits. But another benefit that’s often overlooked is how yoga helps promote healthy nasal breathing and proper posture. While nasal breathing and posture are important at any age, the two are especially crucial for young children.

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Treating Migraines with Neuromuscular Dentistry

For people suffering from chronic migraines, neuromuscular dentistry may provide some much-needed relief. According to recent data from the Migraine Research Foundation, an estimated 38 million women, men and children suffer from migraines. Contrary to popular belief, a migraine isn’t just a really bad headache. In fact, it’s a serious neurological disease and is the third most prevalent illness in the world. Migraines are often painful and debilitating and can last anywhere between 4 and 72 hours, severely impacting a person’s everyday life. For most people, daily medication is the only way to manage the pain and attacks. But for some, medication doesn’t provide much, if any, relief. That’s why more and more people are turning to dentistry in the hopes of unlocking the key to migraine relief. But how exactly does dentistry play a role in treating migraines? As it turns out, a lesser known form of dentistry called neuromuscular dentistry is helping people suffering from migraines find relief without the use of pain medication.

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Introducing Solids and Its Impact on Oral Development

Early introduction of solids to infant children may provide more oral and developmental benefits. There’s been much dispute on the timing of introducing solids as well the best "first" foods for infants. While pediatricians used to recommend rice cereal as baby’s first solid, new recommendations suggest a healthy mix of fruits, vegetables and even meats to get baby off to a good start. Experts say that rice cereal has no nutritional value and can be hard on a baby’s developing digestive system. Additionally, since it doesn’t require a baby to chew, they aren’t working their oral muscles at all. The nutritional, developmental and oral benefits to healthy solids far supersede the "old school" recommendation of rice cereal, and many pediatricians, as well as dentists, are now recommending these first solids for precisely those reasons.

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Dr. Buck's Philosophy

Epigenetic Orthodontics opens and protects the airway enhancing breathing both during sleep and awake activities.

Dr. Buck practices a philosophy that integrates airway into all diagnosis and treatments. Traditional approaches do not consider the functioning capacity of the airway and how treatment can negatively, or positively affect breathing and sleep. A compromised airway puts health at risk at any age. If TMJ treatments, orthopedics, and orthodontics are planned well the airway is protected or enhanced. In fact in adults who have sleep apnea, facial orthopedic treatment can increase room for the tongue, and airway. There is increasing evidence that has demonstrated that mild to moderate sleep apnea can be cured with the approach Dr. Buck uses.

Please visit this site for more information; Airway Health